One of the most problematic issues all over the globe when it comes to health is obesity. Obesity is more than an average fatness, that is according to Google's definition. Here, in GHANA obesity is seen almost everywhere. Because of the overwhelming amount of nutritious foods, avoiding them is quite hard especially during events and special occasions.
Obesity is mostly caused by these factors:

Poor Diet - eating almost what is desirable to eat.
Sedentary lifestyle - all work and no play or no exercise at all.
Genetics - it is in the family.
Other illnesses - obesity that is caused by other illness
Stress - sometimes stress makes the person eat a lot and whenever we are stressed, our metabolism is affected too.

While obesity is caused by the factors above, obesity itself has many complications to our health. Most obese people have complications like high blood, diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension, etc...
Good news is, with your current weight management program which probably means having less of your daily food intake, you can include Argi Plus to help accelerate your metabolism as well as Energy on the goal.



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