Why We Should Lose WeightWhy We Should Lose Weight


It's no wonder losing weight is on the minds of so many people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 68 percent of American adults are either overweight or obese. But understanding the reasons behind why you should lose weight can be one of the most motivating factors, especially for people who may be facing life-threatening medical conditions.

Health Risks

The impact being overweight or obese has on your body is one of the main reasons to lose weight. The more weight you gain, the more at risk you put yourself for some serious medical conditions. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis and even some forms of cancer are linked to carrying around excess weight. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 11

12,000 people die every year from conditions related to being overweight or obese. Even losing a moderate amount of weight when you're obese -- 5 to 10 percent -- can significantly reduce your risk for chronic disease.



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